Integration Point - english

First Stops for Refugees at Jobcenter Kreis Wesel

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"Integration Point", What is an Integration Point?

Integration Point (IP) is an association of the local Jobcenter Kreis Wesel and Federal Agency for Unemployment Wesel. It is the first stop for refugees.

The requirements are:
your entitlement to asylum has been recognised
you have specific residence permits from the immigration authority


Where is an "Integration Point"?

Foto zeigt das Gebäude der Agentur für Arbeit in Wesel

Jobcenter Wesel: Reeser Landstr. 61, 46483 Wesel

Location: Room 15, 16 and 18 ground floor

Foto zeigt das Gebäude des Jobcenters Kreis Wesel in der Moltkestraße in Dinslaken

Jobcenter Dinslaken: Moltkestr. 11, 46535 Dinslaken

Location: room second floor


Jobcenter Moers: Mühlenstr. 20-40, 47441 Moers

Location: room 154, 156 and 158 first floor

Foto zeigt das Gebäude des Jobcenters in Kamp-Lintfort auf der Freiherr-vom-Stein-Straße

Jobcenter Kamp-Lintfort: Freiherr-vom-Stein-Str. 20, 47475 Kamp-Lintfort

Location: room first floor

For whom?

The Integraion Point is the first contact point for:

  • people with residence title for specific putposes
  • people with humanitarian residence title for specific putposes according to Chapter 2, Section 5 of Residence Act
    (if benefits are drawn under the German social welfare law for asylum seekers)
  • people with acquiescence according to § 60a of Residence Act

What will be done to help you?

Within the Integration Point the following operations are processed:

  • Support regarding the recognition of foreign professional qualifications
  • Analysis of you language skills
  • Offering language and integration courses
  • Job or apprenticeship offers
  • receiving benefits if your are eligible

What do the qualified employees of the Integration Point help you with?

Integration in the job- and apprenticeship market:

  • language courses, integration courses (learning the German language)
  • recognition consolation (assistance with the recognition of vocational qualification)
  • qualification consultancy (apprenticeship offers and job search)
  • skills (education and work experience)

Social assistance benefits:

  • First concession of benefits according to Code of Social Law II
  • Contingently further assistance

More Information - please read flyer "Ankommen in NRW"
(MAIS NRW, december 2015, PDF) ...